Technical Communication | eLearning | ColdFusion


Discover how to use Captivate to create a dynamic software video that you can publish directly in FrameMaker.

Tips and tricks for users on planning content, creating materials, and best practices with Captivate.

Discover how insertion of brief "movies" in your published output can substantially reduce page count and translation costs by eliminating hundreds of static screen captures. Achieve goals in minutes that used to take hours.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Bernard Aschwanden is a content strategist, pubs tech expert, and an author, who is also a Director of the Society for Technical Communications. A certified trainer, he teaches content strategy, DITA, content management, minimalism, and topic-based writing. Bernard is an Adobe Certified Expert, a Certified Technical Trainer, and the author of numerous articles on xml-based publishing and single sourcing. He is the founder and President of Publishing Smarter.